Why Yellowbelly?

Yellowbelly generally refers to a person from Lincolnshire. According to Wikipedia (encyclopedia) there are many explanations as to the meaning of Yellowbelly. Some are disputed !

The one I like refers to a military explanation, The uniforms (tunics) of the old Lincolnshire Regiment were green with yellow facings. As I have a family connection with that regiment, I will go along with it.

And besides I like it more than some of the other reasons given, eg crawling around the marshes in yellow mud !

About Me

Lincolnshire-based Birder. Former County Bird Recorder for Lincolnshire (Lincolnshire Bird Club) to 31/12/10

My local patch is the Wash, and I have been a WeBS counter at the Witham Mouth for over 30 years. I am a qualified C ringer, with a special interest in Swifts. I am a keen Lincolnshire and British lister.


PB150909I use Nikon equipment, the majority of pictures here are taken using a Nikon D2X, a D300s and a D800. Lenses include an F4 200-400 VR zoom. I have just upgraded my Nikon 80-400 F5.6 VR, for the new G ED version, and a 1.4x converter.

Other accessories include a Nikon 17-55 F2.8 , 1.7x Nikon converter, SB800, SB900 Flash. For digi scoping I use a Nikon P5100, DA1 and Swarovski ATS 80 HD with 20-60x.

Back in Dec 2012 we moved house from Frampton Fen to Corner Cottage, Frithville. We are currently amidst a major renovation project.